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Pipe and Cable Locating

Utility Locating Specialists Our professional and experienced team use a combination of radio frequency locating and ground penetrating radar to locate and identify underground pipes,…read more

Concrete Scanning in Sydney

Concrete scanning specialists We offer professional concrete scanning services using the latest GPR technology. Also known as concrete x-ray, GPR will locate utilities, conduits, steel…read more

Non Destructive Excavations Sydney

Negate the risk of damage to your existing underground assets Non destructive excavation utilises  high pressure water or compressed air to break up the ground…read more

Cable Fault Locator

Cable Fault Location

Whether it’s electrical or communication cable, call us before you give up and re-run it. Our cable fault location service can save you money on…read more

Water Pipe Leak Detection Sydney

Australian Locating Services have most advanced leak detection technology to help you locate underground leaks. At Australian Locating Services, we understand how frustrating water leaks…read more

CCTV and Water Jet

Our Comprehensive CCTV System and Water Jet Cleaner will help you with your drainage problems. Our professional operators are ready to help solve your difficult…read more

Utility Mapping & Land Surveying Sydney

Reliable and accurate mapping of utilities Our team of surveyors provide  comprehensive 2D & 3D surveying capabilities to assist with the location of marked utilities…read more

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