Non Destructive Excavations Sydney

Negate the risk of damage to your existing underground assets

Non destructive excavation utilises  high pressure water or compressed air to break up the ground which is then removed by a powerful vacuum. Non destructive excavation is a great method of exposing underground utilities whilst, ensuring there is no damage caused to your assets.

Once exposed, the utilities can be identified and surveyed by our surveyor, showing exact depths & offsets on cad drawings produced in accordance with Australian Standards AS 5488-2013 Level A. Learn More..

We can meet your non destructive digging requirements, ranging from 1-2 potholes to large projects.

We Expose:
  • Underground utilities safely and efficiently.
  • Power/street light cabling
  • Slit trenches and potholes.
  • Harmlessly excavate around tree roots
  • Remove rail ballast
  • Clean and maintain pits
  • Survey and map ¬†underground utilities and services

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