CCTV and Water Jet

Our Comprehensive CCTV System and Water Jet Cleaner will help you with your drainage problems.

Our professional operators are ready to help solve your difficult drainage problems and save time and money in the process.

Our full colour cctv drain cameras have automatic self levelling camera heads as well as ‘on-screen’ distance counters for accurately measuring how far down the drain we have gone.

A radio transmitter is also installed in the camera to allow us to pinpoint the camera head precisely through the ground from above, even through reinforced concrete, to locate any defects or items of interest such as tree root invasion, broken pipes or grease build up.

We can immediately burn a dvd at your site with all the information on screen such as the length, depth, address, type of drainage, problems encountered or anything else you want us to add.

If the drain is blocked our operators have the ability to clear the line first with our high pressure water jet drain cleaning.

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