Non Destructive Excavations

Non Destructive Excavations
Non Destructive Excavations
Your Non Destructive Excavation specialists

Non Destructive  Excavation or Hydro Excavation is a far safer method of excavation than using mechanical devices such as tractor mounted excavators or post hole borers.

Non destructive excavation involves the use of high pressure water or compressed air to break up the ground which is then removed by a powerful vacuum.

The utility services are then exposed and identified for accuracy, this allows for the application of Australian standard as 5488-2013, whereby the identified utilities can be mapped on a survey by a registered surveyor to show depths and offsets and cad drawings produced for your planning requirements.
We can meet your non destructive digging requirements from 1-2 potholes to large quantities.

Quality level “A” australian standard 5488-2013

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