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At Australian Locating Services Pty Ltd, we understand how frustrating water leaks can be, and they are not always easy to locate.
We have the highest quality and most advanced leak detection technology at our disposal, allowing us to track down the source of your leak, or at the very least locate your pipework for a faster re -run.
  • We use highly sensitive piezo electric microphones and digital instrumentation so that leak noises can be amplified and processed to assist in identifying a leak location.
  • Our computerised correlators for those hard to find leaks.
  • We can use Hydrogen Tracer Gas which is then detected by a highly sensitive gas detector. In certain circumstances it can pinpoint those small hard to find leaks.

Our experienced operators, combined with our sophisticated equipment, make for a very effective and efficient leak locating team to save you time and money locating problem water leaks.

For more information about our high-quality water leak detection and cable fault services, or for a free quote, call our friendly team today on 0412 227 434.

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